Kevin Bowsher — Beware The Walking DRD

Kevin Bowsher — Beware The Walking DRD. So, this is Kevin Bowsher of Edmonton,Alberta. He cheated on his girlfriend, not once but twice (that i know of). He can be good with his words,just to get you into bed with him. Not to mention he says he is clean, but has drd ( as told by his now ex girlfriend). So ladies, if you see this guy, run the other way. He has many dark secrets like how he loves to be sneaky when in a relationship, he has fantasies of “pig roasting” either watches it, or is part of it. He is a sexual deviant that will pretty much fuk anything that walks. He is not someone to be trusted, he has lied about not having a gf. He just isnt soneone to be trusted!

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