Kathryn Shott — Disgusting Alcoholic Meth Smoking MUTT

Kathryn Shott — Disgusting Alcoholic Meth Smoking MUTT. This disgusting piece of sh1t is a leech who leeches on guys and uses them for anything she can, she gets people hooked on meth and alcohol so they can start supporting her habits too. Her pu55y is beat up looking like disgusting lunch meat because she’s so ran through from homie hopping and hooking. She has a son she never sees because she’s too busy smoking the pipe. She gave my homie Drds because she clearly never gets checked, don’t even ask if she showers. My bro said it smells like a rotten fuking oyster. She’s had every DRD in the book, since she first started living on whyte ave till now posted up in millbourne with her troll looking bestie named Justice who hits the pipe just as hard as she does. She’s a disgusting midget clown looking b1tch. Katie thinks she’s the hottest b1tch because she can cake her face and look unrecognizable but underneath all the makeup she’s disgusting , pimply, and homely looking with those craters on her face. She’s lived with so many people because they finally see her true colours and want nothing to do with her. Her last roommate Niall always called her disgusting and put her down because she deserves it. aanyways if you guys want some lunch meat; she’s got a small fee of about 30$ just enough for a bottle.

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