Jason Kang — LYING GANGSTER WANNABE. Please avoid this person. He is incredibly manipulative and toxic and will only speak to you/associate himself with u if u have money cause HES a broke fuckin loser. He claims he’s in med school but that’s a lie to pick up girls. Incredibly racist Towards every single race other than punjabi – this type of person should not be in the health care field, he should be locked up for the crimes he has committed. He will emotionally gas light u and make you wanna kill yourself if u can’t give him what he wants. Fat fuking loser needs to lose weight, cant even lead a healthy lifestyle and hes claiming he’s a med school student LOL. JASON KANG IS A FRAUD AND LYING MANIPULATIVE PERSON. HE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE FOR HIS OWN SELFISH NEEDS. PLEASE AVOID HIM HE WILL RUIN UR LIFE AND MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH.

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