Dawnlyn Proctor Dumb Waste Of Skin Garden Tool

Dawnlyn Proctor Dumb Waste Of Skin Garden Tool. Talked to her for a while and she will seem like the perfect person and then when you know her shes fuked. All she does is cry about everything and think everyone hates her. She has scars everywhere we couldnt go out without people staring it was embarrassing. He bd want a kid but isnt around and im.not surprised. Shes a insecure mess its honestly pathetic. Only good for a lay and she knows how to make you feel good about yourself but its clear shes fucked in the head. You cant touch her without her flinching its not attractive at all. Not a hoe but definitely not someone you wanna be with unless you are into mental patients. She lets men beat her. She cant keep a friend or a man. She acts like a rabbit outside her house is her grandmother. She needs to be put into a hospital and her kid needs to go to her dad since he wanted her but clearly not her insecure a55. Ps gain the weight back you look like a crack whre now its disgusting. Ask around about her you will hear the same thing

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