Dann Lowrey — Sex Addict Liar

This piece of work has some serious issues. He lives multiple lives with multiple girls and is always open to new ones. He has quite a few children with multiple girl. Relationship with one for 13 years and 3 of those years have been with another girl also. And he is still lying to maintain them both. Has kids with them both and another in the way. Not to mention the online trash be posts for casual hook ups. He’s knocked up other girl all over the place over the past 10 years, but ends up having issues soon as his past comes to light. He’s got a bad past that comes with conditioning about being around minors… He lies about anything and everything uselessly. His favourite way to hook a girl is by lying and making you feel bad for him that all the women in his life have treated him so poorly and that he’s neglected. Truth being he’s a high maintenance I’m better than you kinda guy. His car is more important than anything to him, super materialistic. Will drain your bank account dry and use you for everything he can get out of you plus steal things when your not looking. If your smart, you’ll run if he comes your way. When he says he is single… believe me he isn’t. At all. At the very least. Are sure you use condoms, he’s badly addicted to sleeping with anything with a pulse, and age isn’t a problem in his mind.

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