Chanelle Bonaise Deschamps — Trash Drug Head Mother

This DIRTBAG is a waste of skin. She recently messed around with two married men including her own sister’s husband behind her back for months while living in the same home. The sister requires a wheelchair and needed the aid of this bag of trash to help her do day to day tasks and even got paid for it. Obviously the man who cheated on his wife is a fuking loser too and deserves to have his nuts chopped off. Anyways back to this h0e. She does coke and meth and tries to act like she loves her young son but ditches him everywhere to go party leaving him with only the clothes on his back for days at a time. This nasty skank has been linked to having sex with dogs and has been caught searching up beastiality online while no one is around. So if you slept with this wonderful mother and handful of inspiration (NoT) then I feel sorry for you and your d1ck because you share that hole with animals and that is 100% legit. She dates drug dealers and fuksanyone who can offer her anything. Beware of this PURE dumpster fire.

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