Carla Poplaws — Has No Self-Respect

Carla Poplaws — Has No Self-Respect. This girl is Carla Poplaws and she has absolutely no self-respect or cares about anyone except herself. Carla’s boyfriend posted her on The Dirty and she still stands by him. Her boyfriend constantly attacks my friend Alex and Alex is a good friend of Carla, but Carla still stands by her boyfriend. Alex has defended Carla for years and Alex has always there for Carla. But Carla does nothing as boyfriend continues to attack Alex and ruin Alex’s life. It’s clear that Carla is just as messed up as her boyfriend and she has no respect for herself or anyone else. She only thinks of herself. The good news is, Alex has other friends like us who will stand up for him! Her Carla, you and your boyfriend deserve this!

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