Alexis McCarty — Sociopath Narcissist!

Alexis McCarty….. She lures you in by pretending to be a victim and you cant help but feel bad for her, she plays the role so well…. she runs around all over edmonton spending money on herself, her boyfriend “Owen” and his family but neglects her kids and leaves them home alone all day hungry. She chooses a little d1ck jail house piece of sh1t over her kids then plays the victim and then wonders why her eldest ran away. She spends the money she receives from welfare on herself for things like weed, wigs, ugs, nails, crooks and castle winter coat, and his canteen meanwhile her girls only have spring coats to survive the entire winter and her girls are forced to ask friends to feed them. Alexis is a lieing manipulative vile woman who truly believes everyone is jealous of her and or wants her but in reality she has NO FRIENDS and her man Owen it’s just using her he was out for like 2 weeks and not once did he even call her but he is back in jail and needs money so guess who he called….. the people that actually try to be friends with Alexis get used and discarded when they are no longer relevant to her needs. if you have lent anything to her or forgot something in her home dont ever expect yo see it again, she studys the court system and knows how to manipulate it to her advantage and will press charges if you try to collect your things from her. She loves drama and will lie about everything just to try to make herself look better if you or anyone you know, know this woman BEWARE!!!!!

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