Alyssa Coon — Daddy Issues Catholic (DRD) Queen

Nik, this is Alyssa Coon. She likes to attack people for being “immodest” when she is pregnant out of wedlock and contracted herpes from a 63 year old man who lives in a van. Her ex boyfriend was a 47 year old mentally unstable man and she was still a teenager when she was dating him. She’s admitted to getting her dog to lick her snatch. She attacks anyone who has a different opinion and isn’t Catholic she even disrespects her family cause they’re not the right kind of Christian and aren’t Orthodox. She got kicked out of her house for criticising her relatives gf for having too short of a skirt and is in a shelter now… She really likes to throw stones. This girl is mentally unstable and someone should call CPS on her I’m actually worried about her child.

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