Nicole Grunow — Gross Stalker With No Money

What OUT Edmonton… Nicole Grunow is the nastiest person you can come across. She is petty, immature, and vindictive. She has a smelly a55 twat that will leave a Stink in your car for days. She stalks her ex’s after giving them DRDs, in hopes that they’ll stay with her because they’re going through the same thing. She moved into the same place her ex was living after he told her he was done and wanted nothing to do with her. She goes through her “man’s” phones and tries to sabotage and ruin all their friendships. Best part is, these guys deny that they’re dating her to their core but she goes around lying that she’s dating people. You can literally ask any of her ex’s to confirm this. She makes up lies to get people to turn against you, just because of her own insecurities. She is broke as hell, can’t even afford to get around Edmonton without suking guys off, hence why her mouth is an absolute train wreck. Don’t look directly at her mouth, for your eyes’ sake. Everyone thinks she is the grossest most messed up individual, they will warn you to stay away. That’s how she’s known in the Edmonton Rave Community. She has a stinky twat, with the most purple and saggy stinky a55 lips on her poon, looks like she’s given birth to twenty kids, she will for sure be the loosest and lowest fk of your life. Be aware and get checked for DRDs after. She was purposely not getting her drd treated and passing it to anyone she slept with. She uses people for money, food, and a place over her head, and once you decide to not support her broke a55, she tries to ruin you and your name at any cost. Consider yourselves warned of her insecurities, psychotic-ness, and her stinky loose purple poon. Be Careful.

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