Lawrence Renzo Arroyo Cheating , Lying POS Husband Lorenzo Aka Renzo Aka Lolo Aka Zoe

This Loser cheated on his wife for there whole relationship(12 years) even after they got married he “accidentaly” gave his wedding ring to a bum than took some whore to a hotel and stood with her while his wife was up in the moutains with her friends worrying about him the whole time. hes on fb talking to multiple women n they didnt even care he had a wife. hes on every dating site there is all of them talking about how he wants to get loose and have fun, gets excited anytime ANY girl gives him attention doesnt matter who she is or what she looks like its better than his wife this boy cause hes far from a man has used this poor women for years just warning you ladies dont get played like my friend did hes real good at making you believe his lies.

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