Dreya Espinoza — Aquafina Dreya

Dreya Espinoza Aquafina Dreya. Nik everyone is calling this girl Dreya mommalynn dredeeslynn whatever she calls her self now days AQUAFINA since she so thirsty for men she already has a bad reputation thats why she is always changing her name on social media heard she left her family just to go and be denvers newest thot nik i actually hanged out with girl one time with marina and the rest of our friends and already had this bad vibe meeting her i see her on snap and ig posting these nasty h0e looking pics of her self by the way you should really get over your self those filters aint cutting it be real instead of the fake person you are and girl you should really cover up and stop being so thirsty for attention what do your kids actually think of that smh girl you ruined your family you broke up your home separated your kids from what i heard just to be a thirsty attention seeking thot how sad you need to be exposed and you should be ashamed as a mother maybe you should of payed more attention to your kids and family then you did your social media you wouldn’t be so thirsty AQUAFINA and i aint no hater you just look really trashy and dirty trying to he someone you aint im sure you been around and tossed around

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