Aubreyl Laguardia — Methhead Maneater

Aubreyl Laguardia — Methhead Maneater. I’m shocked this meth head h0e has never been posted before. Five kids deep, 1 of which she doesn’t have custody of, with 3 baby daddies and all the side d1ck she can catch and I’m sure that’s not all she’s catchin. She can’t keep her husband even after settling on an open relationship. Can’t keep a consistent man so she changes partners every other week. If they block her because they don’t want her she has her homegirls stalk them for her right before she settles for the next d1ck that comes along. Wannabe blood, think she’s on because she’s been passed around by all of them, nothing ass b1tch who never has, and never will have anything going for her. Don’t get suked in by this fat twat or you will just end up used and abused before she tosses you aside and swallows the next d1ck.

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