Mark Brisbois — One Of The Biggest Cheaters And Players And Cornwall

Mark Brisbois and I have been seeing each other for the past 2 years as of today May 13th 2020 I had a funny feeling there was something wrong so yes I did my search and in my search to hold I found out that this man is not only married but this man has a girlfriend on the side then he had me as his lover he bought me gifts and spent hours and hours chatting texting me and making me feel very special but he’s a dirty f****** pig cheater liar and excetera excetera his daughter confirmed today to me some of the things that he told me we’re completely lies so I really hope his girlfriend Mary finds out I guess his wife already knows that he had a girlfriend but not a lover he hurt me so bad so people stay away and watch out forMark Brisbois and I will be posting stuff on Facebook as well with his Facebook

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