Kathy Chater — D1ckfloozy

Kathy Chater — D1ckfloozy.This b1tch was with mt friend for almost a year. Made him bel2she loved him thpught they where gonna start a whole new life together and then broke up with him because of some guy that was staying there started dating him while he was in the process of moving or locating a place. Considering everything he had was there. Moved dumped the second guy after a couple weeks kicked him out and then started dating my friends brpther like its nothing she went thru 3 guys in a spanof a month this b1tch need to be put on blast shes a homewrecking cum guzzling slut cant make upwhich or how many d1cks she wants while destroying peoples lives at the same time stay the fuk a way from this b1tch.

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