Shannon Renee Mclaougin — Not Hate. Just Facts

Shannon Renee Mclaougin Not Hate. Just Facts. She is a fake money hungry b1tch who will use and abuse everyone in her life. She suks and fuks any & everything & trys to cover it up saying she is cleaning their house. She’ll switch up on ANYONE for a couple hundred. She is miserable & cares more about busting a nut and using men for money but doesnt buy her kids food or even cares about them enough to potty train her now 6 year old. She is a lier & a manipulator. She thinks she is a hustla but really her hustle game ain’t shit. Watch out for this ole ratchet undercover a55 bish. Looks can be deceiving…the most beautiful is so ugly when she suks old wrinkly balls only 2 benefit herself for a dollar. Not her kids..or the people who have done nothing but try to help her succeed. She is out 4 herself. Beware.

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