Rachel Walsh — Ohio Kentucky Area

Rachel Walsh from Mason Ohio (aka Rachel Blankenship) has been cheating on her husband for years and leading a double life. Rachel is active in Cincinnati Ohio and Lexington Kentucky. Her husband and family are victims of her deceitful, unstable behavior. She intentionally ruined at least one marriage by pursuing an affair with the husband. Rachel encourages not using protection and spreads drd. She goes to extreme measures to convince people she is a person of virtue and integrity. She tells elaborate lies and manipulates everyone around her to protect her public image. Keep this woman out of your life. She cares nothing for the sanctity of marriage or the emotional trauma she inflicts on others. It does not matter if your spouse is a man or woman, because she is now pursing sexual encounters with women as well. She will ruin a person’s life for her own amusement. Protect yourselves and your families from her at all costs.

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