Sabrina Weeks And Cory Burger

This one takes the cake on home wrecking whores. Sabrina was not only cheating on her drug dealing man with her clients but she also destroyed my friends family by having an Affair with her man for months even after meeting their kids. Cory Burger is the man who she had the affair with and who ended leaving his fiancé of 12 years with. He is also fuking floozys, selling drugs, and abused his ex on several occasions, he even tried to smother her with a pillow. He left his ex and 4 kids (one of which is autistic) for this tramp and has gone out of his way to scare his ex and kids by threatening her to shoot the house up. His own daughters are scared to see or talk to him. He stole money from his ex to pay for floozys and pay for his drug habit. These 2 are a real pair of scumbags.

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