Mia Davies — Floozy For Hire

Mia Davies Floozy For Hire. This here is Mia Davies, sure, she looks like someone that you would want to be friends with but, she gets passed around more than the football at superbowl sunday. The best part of this, shes a floozy. She sleeps with anyone and everyone. She works from home or your home. She doesnt care that her children are in the house. Theres a new guy there almost every day of the week. All of which are random men she meets of the internet. With this virus going around you would think a mother would be more careful about what or who she brings into the house, not her, with legs wide open. Her house is disgusting, moldy food, piles of dishes, month old dirty diapers piled in the corner, cat sh1t beside the toilet. Shes very unhygienic, her children constantly sit in dirty diapers, pissed soaked clothing, and are left in their rooms all day. She might get up to deal with them if her alcoholic a55 can manage to get out of bed to deal with them. Shes a compulsive liar of the worst degree. You can find her on secret all under the names Rhianne97. She doesnt even need the money, she just does it to boost her ego and low self esteem. Just in the last year shes topped above 100. Shes an improve liar. She will come up with something so quickly on the spot youd think she was telling the truth but dont be fooled. Apperantly though shes really close with her family. A disgusting alcoholic, sex addicted, sleazy cheap store. Oh, watch out for the “with my luck this will be one of those nights I dont remember anything tomorrow” shes just waiting to catch someone on a rape charge. Dont trust this h0e. She will tell you she’s in love with you the first week or two in. Shes just greasy, she likes to fuk her sister. What a basket case she is. Hopefully child services gives those children a better life than what they have now.

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