Lisa Kuchuris Driscoll — Gets Off On Cats Dying And People Being Abused

Lisa Kuchuris Driscoll, a woman who claims to be 54 but looks to be about 65, lives near/in Chicago, IL. She’s so large in real life she has to be weighed at the recycling center. She’s known by @falatoot on multiple platforms including Twitter and Periscope. Lisa is the ultimate sub-human. She’s one of those people who loves to start trouble, loves to shack up with inmates, hoards loads of cats and claims to be a cat lover and yet she finds very dark stories of cats dying to be amusing, chooses to cut herself rather than to get mental health care. She has no friends, no job, no man (at the moment), never leaves her house and spends all of her time literally attempting to ruin other people’s lives online. She truly believes she’s the internet police and gets to decide whether or not someone is worthy to be online or not based solely on her opinion. If she decides she’s in love with someone and they want nothing to do with her, she’ll make sure to let you know that you’ll never see the light of day again. She believes that she can harass, stalk, ruin, report anyone she wishes and that there are no consequences to her behavior and not that she would care, refer to her having no life. As someone who’s had to watch Lisa’s unfathomable behavior online, how she insists that people deserve everything they get and that if someone wants to kill you then you must have caused it (yes she’s that mental, yes that’s why she dated dangerous inmates). So to all of you abused people out there, Lisa Driscoll wants you to know that she doesn’t care, it was all of your fault, you deserved it and therefore you should keep allowing yourself to be abused. You should also allow verbal abuse of all kinds, including any lies told because that’s “free speech” to her. Any time someone is being cruel or even if they want to kill you and threaten to do so, you’re not a victim in her eyes, you deserved it. I’m sure so many of you who have been abused will appreciate knowing that there are actual sadistic people like that in the world. People who walk amongst us and claim to be a good person, claim to be a lover of animals, claim to have some level of personality will actually watch you get destroyed, participate in it as she’s done for years online and then laugh (literally laugh) at what she’s caused. That my friends is something out of horror films, someone who is so black in their heart and in their mind, they wouldn’t care what happened to you. Watch out for Lisa, she’s never going to be someone you can trust.

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