Sam Cunado — Cuban Bambino Sam Cunado

Sam Cunado — Cuban Bambino Sam Cunado. Let’s take a minute and talk about this unstable bodybuilder. I started following him on Instagram because well, he’s hot. Things started getting strange after he got married, he had a meltdown with his coach over money management issues. Then he started deleting and reactivating his Instagram only to find out it was because he was having marital problems, literally months after getting married. Rumor has it, he is confused or embarrassed to accept that he may like men and women. Take a look at his IG, he’s obsessed with his ass and poses it as often as possible. He buys himself flowers and enjoys the feminine touch he has. Not that it’s a bad thing but I just wish he’d come out and say he’s bi or something. I also know that he enjoys ass play, he likes when his “girl” eats his a55 and plays with it…I know plenty of men who like this but with some convincing, I know very few strictly straight men that ask for it up front. Just my input…I’m waiting on the onlyfans

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