Alex Carlins And Haley Whorevy — The Club Scene’s Threeway whores

Alex Carlins And Haley Whorevy — The Club Scene’s Threeway whores. These two are happy to bang every man in Chicago TOGETHER. That’s right, this gay guy and his little minion have threeways together to help Alex sell bottles at the clubs he works for or just to be home wreckers. He does it for money and she does it because she’s a moron. They’ll bang anyone from old Indian men to fat black guys, as long as they’re buying 1942 and Dom Perignon. They especially love to bang men who are dating girls who work in bottle service at the clubs with them. Veronika from Bottled and her friend Madi from Electric both have drug dealer boyfriends that these BFFs are always banging together just to piss the girls off. It turns out every man on the Chicago club scene is a secret bisexual. If your sugar daddy or your boyfriend gets an DRD, you know where it came from.

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