Scott Tuggle — PSA On This Loser

Run run run run! Ladies run! This guy Scott Tuggle will have you fall for him with his sob stories about poor him. He will suck you dry. Use his kids as weapons. He is a narcissistic fool. He will suck you right in and then discard you like you were never alive. He will blame his ptsd on everything in his life. He will use it as an excuse to treat you like crap. He will emotionally abuse you before you even realize you are being emotionally abused. He will come across as the biggest charmer and such a caring man but be warned he is not. Once he no longer has a purpose for you, you will be gone! You no longer exist to him. His penis barely works then he’ll make you feel bad for him when it doesn’t. He doesn’t have friends and there’s a reason for that. He talks behind all of his friends backs too. He will have nothing to offer you. Ever. He will promise the world then crap all over ya. There is not a decent bone in his body if he doesn’t have a use for you. He will use the military for being so mean to you apologizing all the time then he do it again. The abuse will never end. Run!

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