Trenton Wieties from Collinsville IL is a married cheater and bad in bed

Trenton Wieties from Collinsville IL is a married cheater and bad in bed. Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties, who told me his name is Shane, is a married Cheat. I am 32 years old, single and from Illinois. He contacted me on snapchat, he got my Snap info from my Tinder profile. We chatted for weeks and even called and texted each other. We met up and were together on one occasion which frankly was the worst experience ever. Cheap hotel I assume he paid cash so his wife wouldn’t find out and 2 minutes of actual sex. Later when trying the phone number I had for him there was no answer or voicemail – then one day a girl answered and I was informed that she uses an app called “Text Me” and that app gave her the phone number as she just started using the app – so this “text me” app gives you a phone number to text and call people with – once you stop using it they recycle the number to someone else. Well now everyone will know he goes after anyone who is dumb enough to fall for his lies. He never contacted me after our meet, and he got what he wanted. I can tell you he is not worth the time. He used everything I told him to relate with stories of his own. I was cheated on so of course his ex-wife did the same is the story he told me . I have a young daughter so of course he said he did also. I work more than one job so he does also. He manipulated everything I told him for his benefit. After I couldn’t get in touch with him and started searching online and found his picture and that led me to his name which when searching his name is when I found many others who he has done the same thing to. I hope someone plays him like he did to me. I hate you Trent, you are horrible in and out of bed – don’t ever contact me again – I hope you end up seeing this and your wife too. I hope I didn’t catch something from you as I see some online say they have. I want to let others all know about you so maybe they don’t get used and lied to like I was. Maybe this will show many who and what you are and help prevent you doing this again to someone else

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