Sylvie Salomee Meyers ~ Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

This is a story about a fairy-tale romance. A once-in-a-lifetime love affair between two people. It begins when Elle had left a drunk abusive man in Florida on 21 June 2001. She returned home to Arizona. Though her sister took in her oldest daughter, Elle and the two little kids were not allowed to stay there (for whatever reason). Elle went back to the Phoenix area. Her, Tee and Kay were homeless for a year. She had a couple of good friends that let her stay at their house a few nights a week during that time.
Elle and her husband, Jay, met in Tempe, Arizona on 18 April 2002. Kay was 5 years old when she had gotten sick one evening. Elle called a friend she knew and he offered the couch for the evening. The next day, Jay got up to go to work and saw Elle sleeping on the couch. From that point on, he pursued her like she was the last drink of fresh water on the planet. He kept saying to her, “you’re falling, aren’t you?” Yep, she fell. Elle says that she really did not need drugs back then, that she “was drunk on Jay”. Not that it stopped them from doing drugs. In fact, it actually enhanced it. Making Elle silly and giggly. Like a schoolgirl. Two months after they met, Elle is approved for HUD-Section 8 Housing assistance. Jay naturally moved in with her. He had been sneaking her and the kids into his room at night so that they would have a safe place to sleep.
The first six years of their relationship was based on drugs and sex. Lots of drugs and lots of sex. She was his sex slave. Ready & willing to please her Daddy for hours and hours. Four and a half years into the relationship, they lost their housing, Elle sent the kids back to Florida. Now they were homeless. Homeless, hopeless drug addicts living in a van and an old school bus parked at Walmart. They lived in that van for nearly a year and a half. It was rough but they made it through it. By the Grace of God. It truly is a miracle that they survived their lifestyle. Though, once the drugs were gone, the sex was pretty much gone also. One thing to know about using IV drugs. Humans are not supposed to feel that kind of pleasure. Once you experience it, nothing will ever compare, again. Pleasure takes on a whole new meaning, a whole new feeling. If you have not tried it, DON’T! It will forever ruin you.
After they got clean in April 2008, they began to change their course of action. In August 2009, Jay asked Elle to find an old friend of his, Robert Johnson. Do you have any idea how many Robert Johnson’s there are in the USA? Elle found him, in a matter of days (she’s an awesome detective like that). That is how they ended up in Missouri. In Missouri, they owned a transmission repair shop for 8 years. They had gone from homeless, addicts to being small business owners. It was early Summer 2011 when Jay and Elle started attending church. Jay suggested they refrain from premarital sex for 15-months, until they wed, in September 2012. Reluctantly, Elle obliged him. Jay became very active in the church. For several years, he played guitar in the worship band and youth worship band.
Even after a decade together, Jay made sure that Elle knew, she was all he ever wanted. He doted on her. He doted on her from Day 1 of their relationship. He told her she was beautiful and that he loved her, nearly every single day of their 17-year relationship. In all those years, he never gave her a reason to not trust him. In 17 years, he didn’t even look at other women. As a matter of fact, whenever Elle would say something about a pretty woman, Jay always told her she was better, prettier, smarter, etc. He never let her feel insecure about their relationship. He made the cutest videos and put them on FaceBook and YouTube, telling her (and the world) how wonderful she was. That “she is the awesome-est woman on the planet”. His nickname for her, His Bride (and after moving to Hawaii, his Nani Puka Lani = “beautiful heavenly hole” or “beautiful heaven’s door”). She loved her nicknames. Her and Jay were the best of friends. They were very close. They could talk about anything with one another. What do you expect when you spend 24/7 with someone for 7+ years, with half of that time spent having wild and crazy sex?
Elle, unfortunately, has had a lot of health issues the past few years. Since 2015 when her back went out. Although, Jay would say, “she’s had health issues ever since I met her”. When her back went out, things got worse. On 28 August 2015, Elle woke up and was unable to move. Her back had been giving her trouble since around April. This fateful morning, she had to literally crawl down the stairs to get to her phone. She called Jay. Jay rushed home to her. They went to the Emergency Dept at Barnes St Peters. Her disc had slipped and was impinging on the sciatic nerve. They scheduled her to see the spine doctor the following Monday and sent her home. Once at Piper Spine, the doctor wanted to perform surgery right away. Referring her back to her primary care for pre-op clearance. The blood work came back abnormal. The next six weeks were going to be a series of going to the hematologist oncologist (doc who specializes in blood cancers). It wasn’t until mid-October that she had her surgery. Jay took her to her doctor appointments, stayed with her at the hospital. He even moved their bedroom from upstairs to downstairs in the living room. Just so she wouldn’t have to use the stairs. After her back surgery, she had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out leukemia and other blood disorders. Still no diagnoses as to why her blood is wonky.
She did well the next year or so. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. She continued to work as a medical assistant for the medical group. In July 2017, Elle got promoted to OP Coder with the chance to work from home. Being a coder now meant that she would not be walking around busy. Instead, she would be stuck at her desk for 8+ hours daily. It was probably all this sitting that aggravated her hips and back. For the next year, Elle was constantly being seen by either a doctor or physical therapist. At least 6 months, Elle was on Short-Term Disability.
From January 2018 until July 2018, Elle had seven (7) procedures done. Starting with a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removed) in January. Followed by 3 EGDs, 2 colonoscopies and rectal prolapse repair in June. If you are not familiar with a rectal prolapse repair, look it up. Google it. It has got to be one of the worst procedures you can have. Imagine having your rectum reconstructed due to weakening of the membranes. Much like a balloon would have a weak spot. Or, think of a hose and how it would have a bulge if the rubber were to weaken and thin out. Imagine if you had to repair that hose and the bulge on it. Same kind of concept. Think about that for a moment, would ya?
When they arrived in Kailua-Kona, August 2018, Jay went to work for a local shop. He had stated that he really did not want to run another shop. An awesome, local couple with a shop that has been in business over 20 years hired him. They took them in and made them part of their ohana, part of their extended family. As a matter of fact, Jay’s employer told him that he had literally prayed the night before, for God to send him some help. Jay arrives at his doorstep about 15-hours later. That’s a Godsend. Can you believe, he ends up screwing them over!! Jay has a 5-year no-compete contract with his former employer. He is not allowed to build transmissions within 40 or 50 miles of Kona or Hilo. That leaves pretty much the entire island off limits. He and Sylvie end up opening a shop two blocks away from his former employer in January 2020. Even has the audacity to put a flyer in their shop mailbox. WTHeck?! Who does that? Seriously? His former employers file a lawsuit against Jay and Sylvie in March 2020. **Due to COVID-19 – postponed — updates when available.
June 2019, Elle and Jay, were supposed to be taking a little break. They had moved to Hawaii Island, 9 months earlier. It was Elle, Jay and their youngest (23 yr old) adult daughter, Kay (Jay had raised Kay since she was almost 6 years old). It had been three of them living in a little 600-sf 1-bedroom ohana that had no kitchen, and no privacy. The ohana was definitely getting cramped. No privacy. Elle and Kay decided to move out and give everyone some space, some breathing room. It was only 5 miles from the ohana. They found a cute, cozy 2-bedroom condo with a kitchen and an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean at Kona Coffee Villas (KCV). She figured when the lease was up on the ohana, at the end of August, Jay would just naturally move on up mauka with them. The plan was that Jay would come over on Saturdays for a homecooked meal and wash his clothes. They would spend Saturdays together. Elle had also mentioned that she was going to start going to church with him. This would give them the time they needed to work on their marriage.
Jay met Sylvie Salomee Meyers the same day that Elle moved out. At his former employer’s home. Two days later, he tells Kay about Sylvie (but don’t tell Mom). Kay told Elle about Sylvie a few days later. The following week, when Elle calls to let Jay know what time to come over for dinner, he confesses to Elle about Sylvie. Jay had only known her a week when he took her to the motorcycle shop and spent nearly $300 to dress her up like a slut on his bike. Day 12, he is now telling Elle he wants a divorce. So, they can get married. WTF!!
Father’s Day weekend, two weeks after they separated, Jay takes Sylvie down to Ocean View for the weekend. Elle is furious. For months she has been trying to get Jay to go do things with her and/or Kay, to no avail. Elle tells Jay they need to talk. Jay refuses to talk to her. As a matter of fact, when he got home on Father’s Day, he saw Elle, turned around and started screaming for help. This is a guy who has nearly 10 years of martial arts training. In Kenpo karate, Ed Parker’s Hawaiian Kenpo karate. Before he and Elle moved here, he was studying Hapkido. Luckily for Elle, her neighbors just happen to be coming down the driveway. Jay kept saying to Elle that “Sylvie says that you are stalking me”. EXCUSE ME?!?! Who gives a flying flip what that bitch thinks, is she your WIFE? Elle sent Sylvie a text saying, “Stay away from my husband” What does the little skank do? She lets Jay move in with her that very same day. Oh, but that’s not the real kicker, oh no. The real kicker is that Sylvie happens to live less than 100 yards away from where Elle had just moved to, Kona Coffee Villas. Might as well have been next door.
Elle has always set up all of Jay’s electronic accounts, he is computer illiterate and directionally challenged. Elle had access to everything. By now, she has read their text messages. On his FaceBook location it kept saying that he was in her complex. She refused to believe it. She thought there was no way that it could be that accurate, until she looked at her location and it showed her right where she was and SHE STILL REFUSED to believe it. There is no way that her loving, doting and kind husband would ever do anything like that. Move in with a woman two weeks after meeting her? I mean, who does that? How do you go from one day loving your wife, then the next day you absolutely, 150 percent, shut her out of your life? Completely abandon her. Without explanation? Then engage in an adulterous affair right in front of her face. Acting like you are married to this whore, right in front of the wife that loves you dearly. Blatantly, intentionally being evil and cruel? Everyone would have believed that Jay was a serial killer before they would believe that he would do the things that follow.
By July 12th (Kay’s birthday), Sylvie convinces Jay to get a restraining order against Elle. Sylvie tried to get one too, but it was denied. Mind you, Elle is still in denial that Jay would be living 100 yards away from her, with that whore he just met. When she hears this, she goes online and start doing research, she didn’t know her last name until the TRO. It is confirmed, she lives just across the parking lot from Elle. Elle can see her car, her bedroom windows, all from her lanai. By the end of July, I suppose Jay got tired of waiting for Elle to know where he is living (which she has known for 3+ weeks at this point) and he changes the address on the AT&T account to Sylvie’s address. Knowing that Elle pays the bill and checks the statement. After that, the two of them start checking the mail daily, whenever they see Elle on her lanai, making out along the way. As a matter of fact, the day before the TRO hearing, they went to check the mail and Sylvie had the audacity to put both hands in the air and wave at Elle, who was on her lanai. Elle went for her camera to take some photos. Sylvie had stopped waving at her by the time she returned with her camera but as you can see in the photo, she looks so happy, so proud of herself, little smirk on her scrunched-up face. Sylvie is looking straight at Elle, straight into the camera, rubbing it in her face. That is just pure evil. Absolutely, without a doubt, EVIL. Yes, Elle moved away from there as soon as she could. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until mid-October. So, she had to deal with Sylvie tormenting her for 4 months.
Kay is living with Elle up until August 2nd. That’s when Elle put her on a plane back to the mainland. Because on July 30th, Kay had gotten drunk (one too many times) and Elle had a nervous breakdown. Kay ended up banging on that whore’s door at 3 am wanting her Daddy. Yeah, Elle just couldn’t deal with two crazy situations at the same time. Jay tried telling the court that he bought the ticket to the mainland because Elle tried to kill Kay. Oh, please. Of course, Kay was not there to testify on behalf of her mother, conveniently enough. Just the way he and Sylvie had planned it, I’m sure. Jay’s behavior mimics someone who has hated the other person their whole life.
How did Sylvie the homewrecker wrangle Jay in? By claiming to be this holy church goer, naturally. Sending Jay text messages at 3 am saying how she had gotten up to “pray”. At 3 am, really? No one gets up at 3 am to pray. Except maybe witches and voodoo mambos. There is a reason they call the hours between midnight and 5 am the “bewitching hours”. Oh, how Sylvie loves the Lord. Oh, how Jay is a child of God. Oh please, any good “Christian” woman would NOT interfere with a married man’s relationship with his wife. A true Christian woman would have done one of two things; 1) she would have told him he needs to try to work things out with his wife; marriage is a sacred bond that was sealed in the presence of God, God hates divorce (1st option for a “true” Christian) or 2) why don’t you give me a call once your divorce is final. That is what a TRUE “Christian” woman, a woman of God would have done. Besides, they never go to church. When Elle lived next to them, they never left the house once they got home. Be it for the night or the whole weekend. Yeah, Christian. It is Christians like that, that give Christians a bad image. Sylvie has Jay convinced that their relationship is “of God”. God does NOT put temptation in your life, the Devil puts temptation in your life. HE KNOWS THIS!
After Father’s Day, things just got progressively worse for Elle. On 17 June, the day after he started staying at Sylvie’s, Jay went to the credit union, emptied and closed their joint bank account. Cut Elle off from everything. Jay told Elle that “Sylvie says we do not have mutual children together, so I do not owe you anything.” Nearly 20 years together. Jay has been the primary breadwinner the entire time. Elle did not even have a job until after they married in 2012, ten and half years she did not work. Her paychecks were to pay her credit cards. He took care of everything else. Not to mention, after they got clean, he made a promise to Elle that she would NEVER be homeless again. She had been homeless twice since he had met her. Once in the beginning when he first met her and then the second time in 2006-2007, when they were using drugs.
Jay had given Kay a truck when they moved up to KCV, it broke down 10 days after they moved. The transmission that he had built for the truck a few months earlier went out. RIGHT AFTER THEY MOVED IN AND 3-4 DAYS AFTER ELLE FOUND OUT ABOUT SYLVIE. Elle’s tires have been deflated to nearly flat on more than one occasion. Elle drives a 2015 Dodge (fairly new at the time) and it kept dying/shutting off for no apparent reason. On June 26, Elle took it to the shop where he works so he could scan it, find out what is wrong with it. It seems there was no oil in the engine. It was that day that Jay told Elle that if she “didn’t give him a divorce and accept responsibility for everything, he was going to “make her Enemy #1 and destroy her”. Can definitely say that he has given it his best shot. I think the craziest thing is, Jay opened a transmission shop the first Monday in January, that same day, about 3 hours after she found out, her transmission broke. I am not saying that Jay did anything, I am just pointing out the fact that all these car troubles started after he met Sylvie. Coincidence? Maybe, but doubtful. I am not believer in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. There may be random, odd coincidences a few times during a person’s lifetime but a majority of them are not coincidences. Besides, coincidences do not occur every 3-5 days for months. Not to mention, every incident since June 2019 happens to coincide with the phases of the moon.
Over the summer of 2019, they continued to torment Elle. She ended up losing 50 pounds by November, first 30 pounds came off within the first 60 days. That is not a healthy weight loss. She continues to be a nervous wreck. She has been on anxiety medication since this all began. She is an absolute mess. This is someone whom she trusted with all her being. She was relocated to the middle of the Pacific Ocean by her husband, who has always been so loving and kind. Only to be treated cruelly and left abandoned without anyone. While the two of them run around Kona playing house. I know for a fact, that the holidays just about pushed her over the edge. As it stands today, she is on the verge of being homeless, car-less, husband-less, child-less. That’s pretty harsh treatment for someone. Especially from someone who vowed they would love the other “until death do us part”. Oh wait, Jay had already killed Elle once before. They shot up heroin back in April 2005 and Elle died. Jay revived her, obviously. But she died, nonetheless.
The morning of January 24th, Elle was having a hard time sleeping. Right about 04:15, she says she was “compelled” to head up mauka. She says that she has no explanation for what made her go up there. She says the best way to describe it is, almost trance-like or sleepwalking when you are wide awake. Elle says that when she got there, she parked on the street, south of the north entrance to KCV. She sat in her car and told herself that being there was a bad idea. She then drives off to go back down the mauna, when it was like the steering wheel had a mind of its own, it shot right back up mauka and parked on the street. She had taken some black salt with her. Black salt is used to banish evil, who knew? She was going to go sprinkle some around her door and her car. Just warding off the evil. She says she got a feeling of dread when she approached the end of the building. Elle started to ascend the stairs but she looked up and saw Sylvie’s door wide open, at 4:30 in the morning!! She turned around to go back to the car, to go home. When she got to the end of the building, she peered around the corner and saw Jay running around looking for her. As she is leaving, Sylvie’s son, Thibaut jumps out in front of her and stands there like he is Superman, hands on his hips. He repeatedly asked her “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?” She states that she went to leave and that is when Thibaut attacked her. He wrapped his arms around her upper torso, keeping her arms pinned down to her side. Jay came running up, with his phone in hand, recording.
Jay tells Elle that she is under arrest (they never called law enforcement). That is when Thibaut proceeded to tackle her to the ground and started squeezing her like a python. Elle says that is when Sylvie approached her, while she was being held against will, on the ground, being squeeze half to death. She stuck her phone in Elle’s face and started cackling like a witch as she was speaking French to her. Then Sylvie started dancing around her, chanting in French. Sylvie would give Thibaut a certain look and he would squeeze tighter. Sylvie spotted Elle’s beanie hat and she rushed over to grab it. She then brought the beanie near Elle, shook it at her, as she was saying something in French. Elle could see her blonde hairs hanging from the beanie. Oh, great, now Sylvie has a biologic sample from Elle. Is it so she can work her Voodoo/Santeria magic that the Caribbean is known for? After all, Sylvie is from Africa and spent much of her adult life in the Caribbean. Elle says it was like being in some bad occult movie. She was terrified.
Elle was screaming for help; she was in fear of her life. She had said repeatedly that she could not breathe and that he was crushing her back (she has asthma and she suffers from chronic back pain and even had surgery for it a few years ago). All the while, Jay is standing there, almost zombie-like, not saying a word, recording the whole thing. The police finally arrive, Sylvie and Thibaut go back into their condo and leave Jay to deal with the police. According to the TRO, they NEVER should have come out of their condo. They should have called police and stayed inside. They never called the police, they just decided to handle the situation on their own. Jay permitted all this to happen.
After the assault, Elle can barely move her arms, she keeps getting incredible muscle cramps in her hands/legs, her shoulders/hips hurt and her gut issues have made many days unbearable. The hip pain makes it nearly impossible for her to function normally. The doctors will probably have to do surgery to alleviate the pain. Not to mention the PTSD that she is suffering from. She wakes up either crying or scared, several times per night. As if the past 10 months haven’t been traumatic enough for her. Thibaut must feel like a ‘real’ man. He can assault a 50-something year old grandma. A woman more than 3x his age!! Woohoo!! Thibaut kept telling Elle that she wasn’t Jay’s wife. LOL Oh, and your homewrecking ho’ bag mom is??
I need to add, they were waiting for Elle. Think about that for a minute. They were waiting for her. Like, they knew she was coming. How would they know that Elle was coming? She didn’t even know she was coming. The guys were fully dressed. Not like they had been asleep. It was more like they were her henchman. Let us not forget that all of KCV is covered in surveillance cameras. That means that this assault was recorded by, not only Sylvie and Jay, but the KCV condos, too. If you doubted the whole incident, at least there is the surveillance footage, which Elle has been trying to obtain, to back up her story. Elle may have been in the wrong for being up there, but she should’ve been arrested NOT assaulted. Sylvie ruined her son’s life with a violent criminal record before his life has even begun. He’s a senior in high school. Star athlete. Ruined his life because she wanted someone else’s husband. That should win her “Mother of the Year” award. That is incredibly selfish. Yes, the prosecutor’s office is pursuing this.
A little background on our homewrecker, Sylvie Salomee Meyers. She knowingly and willingly married a twice convicted child sex predator in 2005, while she had 2 children, her son was very young, maybe two or three when she married him. She has a daughter (who is now living in Florida) that was about 12 – 16 years old. He was convicted in both California and Colorado for;
“Lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under the age of 14”
“Exploitation of a minor child under the age of 14”
“Indecent Exposure”
This is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. Anyone with a computer can find this information. That, in and of itself, is absolutely disgusting. Who would do that? Why would you put your children in the vicinity of a child sex predator, let alone marry him and live with him. The thought of her having sex is revolting but sex with a pedophile is enough to make one physically ill. Not sure exactly what happened to him. Supposedly he passed away but no one can seem to find an obituary or anything for him. As a matter of fact, some people did not know he was dead until 2 years later. What the what? But now, she owns the pedophile’s condo at KCV and the upholstery repair business, Big Island Upholstery (right next to Island Naturals). How convenient. His biological kids apparently did not get anything. It was days before they had even heard that he passed away. Now she is alienating Jay from his kids and family. I imagine doing the same to him as she did with Ron. She is probably poisoning Jay a little bit every day. Literally and figuratively!
And Jay? He’s a Trump-loving, Obama-hating conservative republican. He does not care for black people. Especially black women, more like, he thinks they are the most disgusting creatures on the planet. He raised his children to never bring a black person home, they could bring ANYONE else home (brown, green, purple, orange). But if they were to bring a black person home, just turn around and don’t come back until you have come to your senses. You can be friends with them but you are not to mate. No, no, no. He taught them that black women are just outright nasty and gross. They so nasty, even black men don’t want anything to do with them. They’d rather have a fat, ugly white chick than a black chick. Maybe because their pubic hair is on their head and they try to “weave” it to look like normal people hair. Yeah, try pulling on that weave in the heat of the moment, gonna end up with a fist full of greasy synthetic hair. GROSS!
Jay taught his boys that black girls have nasty snatch. It looks like it has been run thru a meat grinder, all red and bloody looking. The darker the girl, the nastier her snatch. He even showed photos to his adolescent sons, to make sure that they knew exactly what he was talking about. That way they would never forget his lesson. And his favorite saying…” once you’ve had black, you CAN’T come back”. Not sure what the change of heart is on his part. Maybe he is under a spell (highly likely), or he is brain-washed (he does always say “Sylvie says ??”) or has a head injury (he had a hemorrhagic stroke in late March 2014), or maybe he’s being drugged (also likely). Last Elle knew, Jay hated Whoopi Goldberg (and everything she stands for) and now he is fucking her. Lest we forget, she had pedophile all up in every orifice for 15 years. She kisses her son (and Jay) with that nasty mouth that had pedophile cock ejaculating in it.
Elle sent Sylvie a text letting her know that he raised his boys to be racist against black women. I guess she does not mind that her boyfriend thinks so little of her race and gender. Wow, she really is desperate. She walks around town showing people a ring that he supposedly gave her. Does she not know that she cannot be engaged to a married man? It is impossible. Just goes to show you how incredibly STUPID she is!! What do you expect from a whore that cannot get a man of her own because she’s so nasty? The only way she can get a man is through the use of black magic. Keeping them in a zombie-like state. So, they can’t think for themselves. Because if they could think for themselves, they wouldn’t want to be with her nasty ass. She’s so pathetic. Keep a tight rein on your men here in Kailua-Kona. Sylvie claims to be a widow not once but at least twice. She wants Jay so she can claim widow status for a third time. Funny thing is, he doesn’t own anything except debt, debt and more debt. Looks like she picked the wrong one, a broke ass man who does not have anything.
** Note: There have been numerous things happen since this was written but it would make it longer than it already is. Things like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. This woman has done so much to intentionally hurt someone that she does not even know. All because she wants a paycheck? Here in Hawaii, there are plenty of hot, single guys with money to choose from.
** There is plenty of data available if anyone feels they do not believe any of this. This is all true and factual with supporting documentation. Everything is a matter of public record. You just have to know where to look. Thankfully, you don’t have to, it has already been done for you.

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