A Louisville, Kentucky, man pleaded guilty to amended charges on Tuesday after he posted photos of his ex-girlfriend online in fake dating ads.
STEVEN DUANE JOHNSON 49, was CONVICTED of two counts of FIRST DEGREE harassment. He was sentenced to a suspended term of four years in jail and two years of supervised probation.
Johnson faces similar charges in NEBRASKA connected to this case, according to court documents. He was ordered to have no contact with the victim for five years On Aug. 22, a report was made by Johnson’s now ex-girlfriend. The victim said Johnson, despite having a restraining order from his ex, would post disparaging remarks about her on the Internet.
When Johnson found out his ex had a boyfriend, he posted photos of her in her underwear online, according to court records. Johnson posted ads on pretending to be victim, asking for men to stop by her work and home address with flowers “for a date,” the report reads. Men answered the ad, eventually costing the woman her job, she said.
A Council Bluffs police officer who lives in the same apartment complex as the woman said he found a man outside her apartment once, who stated he was answering the ad he saw online for a date.
Similar posts were found on, an adult classified ads website. Each post included the same photo of the woman, along with where she worked, lived and her phone number. Titles for the posts included “Visit me at work win the prize,” “Alone cheated on want revenge,” “Hot single blond on rebound” and several more not fit to print. In court on Tuesday, District Court Judge Susan Christensen said Johnson had “a rash of this type of behavior” since a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE from the United States Navy.
Johnson was ordered to remove any and all posts he made related to the victim.
“I don’t care where you live as this stuff you posted victimized that person over and over across distance. You saying you’re going to move isn’t much comfort for those you abused,” Christensen replied.
Johnson said he was “stupid” and had learned his lesson, wanting to focus on his life.
After approving the no-contact order, Christensen emphasized to Johnson that he must stay away from the victim. THESE POSTS HAVE YET TO BE REMOVED

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