Sofia Hellqvist (Stockholm, Sweden)

Sofia Hellqvist is a former soft core p**n model who has been reportedly stalking Prince Carl Philip at night clubs (he was still dating his gf of 10 years Emma Pernald at that time) and seduced him behind Emma’s back. This w***e bragged about having sugar daddies in NYC to dating Carl Philip because he’s a prince. This woman has a lot of baggage, it wouldn’t be surprising if Carl cheats on Sofia with a much younger and more good looking girl and then they ended up divorcing in the future or if the Swedish monarchy ends up becoming abolished with her leaving him for a billionaire in the future. Now there are people out there with raunchy pasts who regret their past decisions but unfortunately that’s not the case with fame hungry, slutty and ableistic Sofia who openly said that she has no shame proving that she’s still unfit to be part of the Swedish royal family

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