New Hampton New Hampshire Cheater

New Hampton New Hampshire Cheater. So this is my wife Bethany sue Hollingsworth or bethany sue lang as she goes in new Hampshire we are still married an she is cheating all over New Hampshire she left our house in florida while I was at work cause I found out she got herpes while cheating but we are still married she tried to lie an put a injunction on me so she could move her bf in to my house but the judge saw right threw her but she is a major cheater an is sending me pics of her with her guys an none of them know she has herpes so she is passing it around like crazy so I want everyone to make her famous an also make her mom famous Kimberly Royea cause she is encouraging her daughter to cheat an do what she wants only cause she wants her to stay in new Hampshire we were really into our religion an everything untill this an her mom isnt religious so she pulled her away so everyone make Bethany an Kimberly famous cause they are real dirt bags.

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