Monni Sand Sucks Strangers for Cash at DownTown Bars

Found this little cheating slut at a bar downtown in Austin, sucking 2 guys at the men’s room at the same time. When I came close she offered me a bj in exchange for some cash or booze.
Went with the second, so she would agree to suck all of my friends and then go with us to a motel where we spent the whole night filling all of her holes over and over, no condoms.
I then went to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of her phone, on her notifications seems like she was married and her husband was asking how it went with her sister.
Anyway, once we pay her I ask her if she’s married, she says of course not, so I invite her to stay on my place and she agrees, and I just keep pumping her full over and over, called a couple more friends to have fun with her.
Gotta say, she’s cheap, she’ll lick your ass and put your balls and cock on her face for just 5 bucks. So, just wanted to say, if you’re her husband, your wife is a grade a cheap whore.

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