Melanie Snider, comstock park mi

Here’s the side chick who is lowest of all!
She not only gets picked up on the side of the road at 12am and dropped off at the same curb at 12:45am after her services are completed!
Tuna smell
She will attempt her services in your car but doesn’t fit!!! so she’ll settle for the patch of the grass near the road, her besties bed, the bed she shares with Josh! She’ll even finish men off with her special left hand (the same hand with her tattooed ring finger!)
She’ll try to impress you with texting “I want you to choke me and please pull my hair!”
Then she’ll text “I can babysit for you!!! Please, let me watch your kids! I won’t tell their mother that we’ve been messing around!”
And “let’s all hang out! You bring wifey and I ll have Jay! I’ll have a party they won’t know! I’ll behave! We can sneak off to the garage!”
“Why don’t you want to be with me?”
Melanie’s voice sounds like she’s inhaled 7 packs of cigarettes with 20 helium balloons!
Forehead and neck you could land a plane on!
Claims to be a hippie but finds it fun to make fun of bipolar disorder! Brags about having Josh arrested for domestic violence after she has hit him! Funny stuff girlie!
Melanie can’t handle when ppl do to her what’s she’s done to others.
She is coward! Has her friends threaten other females that Melservices goes after! But the girls are cowards just like she is! They threaten through other ppl but hide when contacted!
We attract what we are!
Trash, dirty!!
Leaves dirty underwear, condoms, makeup and cigarette boxes in children’s car seats!
There are not enough words to describe just how trashy this trick is!
Uses her employers phone to call and harass people!
Begs men to leave their families for her then texts/emails/contacts his friends telling them how awful her life is with Josh whilst posting her undying love for him!
Melanie, there is a reason men are picking you up while they are DRUNK on the side of the road! You are trash
Melanie Anne fillmore
Melanie Anne dennis
Melanie Anne snider
You get what you give!

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