Malcolm/Amir’s Stepmom Kariel Thompson

Malcolm/Amir’s Stepmom Kariel Thompson. Is a slut. She is the reason their father left their mother. Kariel had sex with their father in ther father/mothers bed while my pregnant friend was at work pregnant with their second son Malcolm. She sleeps around on him. Shes a druggy and since hes been with her, his life is shit. His name is Lyntrel Cleavon Smith and because of Kariel hes now a registered felon. He left a good woman for this coked out whore. His brother saya hed like to leave but her cousin is Klay Thompson the basketball player so he stays with her becaue hes trying to be a personal trainer and he needs accrss to athletes. Plus hes got charges agaisnt him and a felony conviction AND his credit is f*cked so hes stays with her becauae hes too embarrassed to admit how badly he f*cked his life. She also still fu@ks her exboyfriend who a LAPD. He gives her money cause hes sprung too.

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