Jenny Le-Pensacola Fl

This woman is the biggest liar, gold digger, and manipulator you will ever meet. She betrays to be religious, however she’s been married for years- just recently divorce she cheated with multiple men.
She suck thousands of dollar out her ex-husband for alimony and child support to uphold image that she is financially stave. However, she hasn’t worked in over a decade.
Her credit is poor and she’s in a loads of debt, which doesn’t makes sense. She doesn’t own anything. She’s 36 years of age and have never left her parent’s house even during her marriage.
During her marriage m, he parents allowed her to bring men in and out house. She been walking around like she’s single for years, but was married.
This seems to be a trend in the Le household, because all of her sisters-except the youngest is married but only one acts like she’s married.
She uses her so call “illnesses” to play victim and manipulate people. Meanwhile, she abuse prescription drugs and alcohol. She’s a disgusting piece of crap. BEWARE!!!!!

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