Devyn N Hollingshead (Brownson)

Devyn cheated on her husband or ex husband as she claims, for over a year before he finally gave up and moved on. She slept with many of his “friends” and tried to sleep with my husband! This hoochie has herpes, at one point she had gonorrhea, and I wouldn’t be surprised is she has any diseases from her drug use. She puts one of her children into the psych ward so she doesn’t have to deal with it! She will tell you anything and everything to make herself seem like a victim when she really is just some whore trying to get money and sex. DO NOT SLEEP WITH HER OR EVEN ASSOCIATE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ACCUSED OF RAPE OR MOLESTING HER CHILDREN! If you had sexual contact with her from January 2018 to March 2019 and haven’t gotten tested I suggest you do!

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