Clare Martin’s Grocery Bill Nearly Bankrupted Her Boyfriend In Less Than One Year

Clare Martin, 42, can’t take she got traded in & her ex-husband upgraded. Clare packed on 100+ pounds in a year and wonders why her boyfriend won’t marry her. She aspires to be a Real Housewife of Dallas. She is DRD positive. Clare’s only exercise is stirring up drama. Even her first grade son gets exasperated about his mom & trouble she starts. Clare launched a smear campaign on me when I hit it off with a guy friend of hers. She wants the guy as back up place to live when her boyfriend dumps her. Clare convinced him I used him for green card and sent her female friends after me too. In reality Clare is fat and miserable with her own life. After 2 years with David Lloyd Nelson Junior, he still won’t marry her. David had to downgrade houses after less than one year of dating the fat cow Clare. David broke up with Clare & was living the good life, & Clare went to Bella’s Uncensored Seductiveness Training to win him back. Guess it includes drugging David into thinking Clare is thin and doesn’t have a giraffe-neck. Doesn’t every guy want to wake up next to a snoot like Clare without makeup?

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