Christine Feng Amazon AWS Seattle Washington Cheater Homewrecker Married Harvard Princeton Microsoft Corporate Development WebActivism

Christine Feng of Amazon AWS in Seattle Washington is a vile home wrecker who indulges sexual intimacy with married men and single men even though she herself is married! I met Christine Feng on the Tinder app thinking she was single and seeking a meaningful relationship like I was. Christine Feng and I got intimate on our first in-person meeting and we continued to have steamy passionate intimate sessions until the 6th date when she confided to me that she was in an unhappy marriage that was not working out. Then I had two of my male friends meet her on Tinder and the same thing — Christine Feng slept with them on the first date and continued to see them without telling me! The truth is: Christine Feng meets all these men on the Tinder app and various dating sites simply to fulfil her carnal pleasure for booty-call encounters. Probably her hubby is unaware or he just doesn’t care. Christine Feng also embellished her background by telling me and my friends that she did Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions at Amazon and Microsoft and that she was educated at Princeton and Harvard. YAWN! I follow the markets as a casual trader and I practised law as a corporate attorney and I can tell you that M&A at large-cap tech companies are directed by business unit executives and stakeholders; not bean-counters like Christine Feng who does Corporate Development financial accounting due diligence transaction crap. Corp Dev work at a large tech company is bean-counting (LOL). Christine Feng is a nobody! Christine Feng is a pathological liar and people out there need to be very of this shameless fraud and her quest to deceive hordes of men!!!

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