Chrissy Galindo

Chrissy Galindo.I see her at almost every millionaire’s house party in AZ, where she finds all her low key sugar daddy’s. I meet her at Bilzerian’s mansion party in bell air last year, where she sucked off a Producer the next day for a chance at acting/modeling. there is only ONE reason a young woman shows up to dan’s parties in LA and it ain’t just to sit around with your legs crossed. we are talking about celebrities, millionaire and Billionaires mixed with girls who make $14/ hr working at the mall ..give me a break Chrissy. she removed her social media because she was getting caught up being a ”high end” hooker, no joke. lots of backlash from women she’s distorted marriages from. Yet she poses like this little sweet girl with good intentions just to lead you on and she’ll hit you up when shes board or her other sugar daddy’s arent around anymore. stay clear, she will ruin your life.

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