CHEATER MOTHER OF THREE. Jennifer Hull also known as Jennifer Jones also known as Jennifer Jayy Hull is a mother of three who is cheating on her husband and having an affair with my husband that includes sex tapes, sexting and more. She repeatedly calls, emails, FaceTime and communicates with my husband even though she’s been asked not to by me, my husband and her husband. It’s disgusting that a woman, a mother would set this type of deplorable example for her children. She has no boundaries. She enjoys making sex videos, nude videos and sending them to married men. She has no self respect, no dignity and no shame about how her actions impact her husband, her family and others. She’s an unscrupulous person who lies, cheats, steals and attempts to fraud the system. She has no respect for herself, her husband, her children or others because if she did she wouldn’t be cheating on her husband with a married man, she wouldn’t be initiating, instigating and continuing to have affairs. What type of woman does this? What type of mother does this? She claims she was physically abused by her first husband. She claims she’s a woman of faith. She claims she’s a Christian. Beware.

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