Annastasia Beal

Annastasia is one of the worst human beings you’ll ever encounter in a lifetime. She’s originally from New Hampshire but just recently moved to Upland, CA. She suffers from severe mental illnesses and is constantly making poor choices and faces serious consequences for her actions. She never once has gotten help but instead tries to portray herself as this “amazing person” who is all about “love’ and “kindness” She steals from her own friends and constantly begs other people for money because all the money she makes while working a part-time job goes towards drugs. She has been arrested and put in jail multiple times for drug-usage, false police reports and being under the influence while driving. Her daughter had been taken away by CPS a few years back due to all her unlawful behavior and for her bad habits. She also is very active in the LA & SoCal rave scene and attends raves and music festivals on a regular basis. However, she never pays for tickets and refuses to do so. She attends all these festivals by giving sexual favors to promoters and event managers in order to obtain VIP/Artist access. She is also banned from several venues for fighting and being excessively drunk/intoxicated. It’s been proven by many people how much of a slut she is but this isn’t even the worst part about her. She has a history of making false sexual assault allegations against people in the rave/EOM scene and plays the victim card every time she’s called out for making these false statements. When she tried to make a police report the officer didn’t buy her story which leads to legal action being taken against her. Not once could she prove anything about these men that supposedly sexually assaulted her but instead just makes up lies and spreads rumors to make herself feel better due to how insecure she is. She clearly is a liar because she never again had gone to any police nor local law enforcement for any of the allegations against the men that have supposedly “touched her” because they won’t believe her habitual lies. Instead, when she knows she’s in the wrong, she’ll go and make huge Facebook posts slandering their names and trying to ruin their reputation by discrediting them. She also is abusive and degrades others who’ve achieved more in life than she has due to her jealousy. Stay away from her as she will ruin your life. She is one of the most toxic people you’ll ever meet in your life. This b***h is not only a danger to others but clearly herself as well. She is not stable!

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