Mike Shumanski — He’s At It Again, Liar And A Cheater

Mike Shumanski — He’s At It Again Liar And A Cheater. This here is Mike Shumsanski, the biggest cheater there is. This guy won’t give it up, he lies and lies about being with the mother of his children. He says they aren’t together that because she charged him with assault that he doesn’t wanna be with her nemore then it comes out that they’re trying to work sh1t out and fix whatever. This so called man who mind you is 40 is sleeping around on her, saying things like he wanted to get with me yet goes back to her. He’d come over then say he was leaving to go to her place…nasty motherfuker. He hides conversations with girls from her then when she finds out he somehow gets out of it. I’m assuming he says it’s because they were in a bad place. He lies to his boss about stuff, coworkers, and girls. He played more than one girl and is still doing it behind her back and she thinks because he says he loves her and wants to do anything to fix what they have that he’s being honest. Girl everyone hates you and talks sh1t about you he knows it that’s why he continues to say you aren’t together. You’re being played by this douche you just don’t know it yet. he lies about being at work when he’s not really there, he lies about who he’s talking to on his phone. Text apps and snapchat are his go to. He’s a joke, he literally goes to girls houses sleeps with them then goes home to her. He sends pics to girls and gets pics then uses them as an excuse to sleep with girls, he even goes home to his girl and sleeps with her right after and she doesn’t even know it. He buys girls things for birthdays, spend time with their kid when he can’t need bothered to spend time with house own kids. This guy will say anything to get in your life and pants, how his gf has taken him back twice and stayed with him for 15 years I don’t know. Any girl out there who sees this guy on POF, or on the street run for your life he’ll their your ass under the bus and try to ruin your life to cover his own a55. This guy even had his boss trying to help fix his relationship and his friend. Stay clear girls, and maybe get checked.

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