Jeremy Dasilva — Lying, Thieving User And Loser

Jeremy Dasilva — Lying Thieving User And Loser. Be careful with this piece of work, he’ll use you every way he can. He’ll manipulate you so bad you’ll feel sorry for him and he’ll turn around and stab you in the back. He takes advantage of people for anything he can get from them to pay for his Pepsi addiction! He’ll steal anything he can, including prescription glasses to give his druggie gf Jen! And once he’s busted, he’ll turn it around to make him the victim, and make you second guess yourself. Don’t let him fool you, he knows he’s a thief, and when he gets caught, he’ll give you every excuse in the book, “it was an accident” “I didn’t know it was yours” and the list goes on…. don’t fall for any of his tricks, bullshit and lies! And seriously, if you see him driving, call the cops cause guaranteed he’s high and drunk, won’t be the first or last time he does it either, until he kills someone.

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Alexis Greenberg .Is a lying using scumbag with a cuck for a boyfriend!

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