Haley Goodreau — Dirtiest Of The Dirty

Well this here is Haley Goodreau. What can I say? She seems to be living the dream (lie). Two children, what’s seems like a good guy..pob has a white fence. So what more could you want? She likes to post about how much she loves her “boys”. Let me tell you about ONE of her “boys”. Shes been texting, snapping, sending pics too, and meeting up with, a.k.a sex. This has gone on for far too long. Shes sleeping with him& God know how many others. Which brings me to wonder the dna of her children. If you think this pic is bad, you should see what she sends men! She lured in an ALREADY TAKEN man, for over 10 years he’s been with his fiance. Clearly she loved d1ck more. I feel sorry for those poor boy having a hor for a mom. She will also become obsessive about the guys she’s sleeping with. She stalked this guys fiance for years now. I have proof of all of this as well. She’s living the dream, unaware of reality. If you tell her shes pretty, she’ll open up her leg and swallow you in her nasty, smelly snatch! May want to get tested as well. Shes been through, texting, snapping, fake text apps, and sending disgusting pic to OTHER men. Sweetheart, here’s your wake up call. You better tell your man the truth. It’s all going to come out. I hope she enjoyed all the d1ck you got while she did. No sane man would sleep with her now. And the pregnancy scares? You’re a pig. I hope your life gets turned upside down like you did to his fiance. While you got to go with your life like nothing happened. Even when she would have oral on the way to work! Everyone else had to deal what YOU created Ihave all the pics. You cant deny it anymore. You always gotten away Scott free with your lies. You can’t hide this. I’ll make sure of it. Honestly, not even sure how many guys she’s messing with. She’s not even that pretty, I don’t get it.

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