Crystal Arlene Ledgere — Modesto, California

Crystal Arlene Ledgere Modesto California.Crystal Ledgere is a cheater, but that’s not the worst part about her. If you sleep with her, you can expect a few things. The first thing you can expect herpes. She won’t tell you anything about it. She tries to hide them with Band-Aids, saying that she cut herself shaving. Another you can expect is her claiming she’s pregnant, by the way you’d never be to tell by looking at her if she is or not. And holy s**t! She will hang that s**t over your head. She’ll use it to pressure you into talking to her. She’ll use it to pressure you into seeing her again and when you do, she’ll hit you up for abortion money. Like I said, you’d would never be able to tell if she is pregnant or not so you end up just giving her the money. Your money will fund her and whatever piece of s**t, crackhead she’s dating that month with alcohol and either coke, crack or meth. She lives in Modesto Ca. and 1820 On a street called Bradford Ct. #3. Donobys in Modesto is where you’ll find her drunk as s**t, trying to either get you to buy her drinks or trying to get you to go home with her. I mean, when you see a drunk fat girl at a bar, 9 times out of 10, you’re getting a great b.j. But I’m telling you guys, this is that one you wish you never saw. A s****y b.j., the loss of about $400 and maybe even a kid is the only way it will end. Good luck guys!

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