Travis Allan — Cold Heartless A55hole

This man is a nightmare. He will talk so smooth… And then drop you. Leave you wondering what you did wrong and why you deserved it. This thing was amazing with his words in the beginning. We met on POF. I talked to him for a good month before I met him. We had a high connection on the phone and spend hours talking on the phone. I thought everything he told me was true. I met him and we hit it off. I fell for him pretty fast. He helped me with my business and he was good with my daughter. I found out that he’s a drunk the hard way.. ignored me for 3 days and cheated on me. Leaving me wonder what I did wrong and why. He blocked me because I got mad at him for drinking and driving. I left so many messages and voicemails because I don’t understand why. The guy who he was faking to be … Wouldn’t treat me like that or make me feel the way he did. When he was with me I paid for everything. He stole from me. When he blocked me I googled his name. I found out that he is married. He never told me he is married. He told me his ex-girlfriend was just an ex-girlfriend that didn’t last long. And it was a mutual break up. Obviously something happened bad because he wouldn’t be hiding it. Today I found out he gave me an DRD. He gave me genital warts. I choose not to be with anybody for four years because I focussed on my business and my daughter… Now I can never be with anybody again. I feel disgusted and use and betrayed. I don’t know who I let in my house. I don’t know who I let around my daughter. I cannot believe that I let myself allow him to treat you the way he is. He is not who he says he is. The crazy part is… He doesn’t care. Once you catch up on his game…. He plays victim and blames it all on you.

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