Terry Lynn — Be Careful With This One She’s Really Abusive

Terry Lynn — Be Careful With This One She’s Really Abusive. Be careful with this one she’s really abusive she takes bad advantage of men she has multiple ads on Leo’s list list crawler I took her off the st she damage my stuff she’s a hard core addict she took advantage of me for $2000 she moochhses off her mom and steals from her also and others to get by we had a 3 month relationship to find out she’s still going out with her ex who are married still she calls you names she tells people off she’ all so convinced me to sleep with without a cond** to tell me she’s effected with a stii after I ask if she’s clean lucky I didn’t catch nothing her family and kids don’t even want nothing to do with her she’s just a bad person who really hurts people she’ was even asking for pictures of things to sell to her dope dealer I had to hide everything I even cught her trying to bring a man to my house to sleep with what’s worst is she told me she was quitting don’t fall for her lies she pass her self off as 43 she’s 46 old bag she needs diapers her body’s so shot up.

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ANGELA TRAN — VANCOUVERS Dummest Flat Asian slut

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