Robert Geddes — This Loser Will Destroy Your Life!

He’s got mental issues He fights with anyone after meeting them for five min He calls his half black daugter the n word and says she’s dead to him that if she came to his doorstep he’d spit on her and that he has no use for blacks Biggest racist walking around Calgary Not to mention he likes to pretend he doesn’t like weed or sex but uses you for both! Then makes you feel bad because you like to collect pot. Not inhale it the moment you get it He will blame you and threaten you with police even though he always says FTP and that he would kill one for looking at him the wrong way Funny. I never once got ahold of all these imaginary people he talks about yet he gets ahold of my friend and harasses her Furthermore he will steal from you He is a thief He is a liar He is 43 and lives at home and takes advantage of his sick mom he calls obese btw. Nice way to talk about your mom! He has no job I’ve never seen him work He’s at bow valley right now and constantly wants to quit because of all the young liberal losers who attend there as he likes to put it He has no money yet he saved enough up to buy a sh1tty car and an even Crappier bike Rob. Get a life get a job stop suking your moms tit and move out. Or wait. You just pretty much want to suk her dry until she’s dead. Nice son you are Oh and btw please beware. He likes to find girls on the dirty and tries to harass them through social media. This isn’t the first post written about him I’m sure it won’t be the last Unless you want a giant drd followed by a loser that’s going to take your pot and money but swears he never asks for anything Lol this falker is a joke and I hope he serves me with papers so I can show the court how hard he’s been digging into my life and friends Get a job and move out on your own you nasty b@tch. Your nothing but a loser. You always will be. If anyone wants to know more reply with your email and I will show you so much more Ps he’s a steriod junkie but apparently cannot pay for his daughter. He stopped child support when she was young Poor girl. I feel so bad for anyone that’s ever known this loser. He has a mental disorder for sure and needs help but won’t ever go get it Instead he will fk you here while Sending money to his gfs in Brazil Isn’t he just a cherry on top now lol Fkn Loser! Ps. He’s a gang banger or claims he used to be. My friend remembers him as being a joke.

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