Morgan LeStratt Goofty, Methed Out Stipper (BEWARE!)

Morgan LeStratt Goofty Methed Out Stipper (BEWARE!). Here we have it everyone- Morgan LeRAT who lives her life spreading her legs for money and getting every boyfriend locked up when they don’t want her stinky, sh1tty pu55y. This girl thinks shes so hot- news flash Morgan, theres nothing hot about you. You’re a methed up, strung out junkie who gets fired from every real job for stealing, not showing up because shes too fuked up or simply because she believes men should pay for her used up a55. This girl also talks like shes soooo tough, such a scrapper and will “fuk you up” but the pu55y itte b1tch cant and won’t do anything.She will put you up here though and hen lie about it because shes so fuking shook. Two can play at that game b1tch- wait until i get to see you in person:) She’s just a very unfortunate looking waste of space- whoever told you you’re pretty Morgan was straight up lying. You aren’t hot at all. It’s hilarious how Morgan believes she is wifey and mother material- bitch, quit smoking meth fix your face and get a real job then you MIGHT be. Oh wait- no you wont/ Your only use is a stripper and when you keep ratting on guys and putting them in jail, noones gonna want you. Notice how the only boyfriends you get are junkies? Ever noticed you’re the fill and an amusement for men they’re missing their actual classy ladies? Congrats, you’re used and abused and always will be. All the male attention you get online is from the club, old married men and junked out losers who only speak to you because they know you’re such a whore you’ll suck off anyone. Men be warned about this piece of trash. She will steal your money, your drugs and then when you ask her to bounce, she will call the cops on you- that is, if she wasn’t already working with the cops. THERES PAPERWORK B1TCH. Word on he street (yes from multiple dudes) said she stinks and is a bad lay. Girls- nothing to worry about, this ugly fuk can’t fight worth sh1t and wont do anything except throw you up on the dirty and lie about. So, so, scared you are. Ps. fix your hair morgan its cheap synthetic horse hair and everyone laughs at it.

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