Michelle Lindamae Baptiste low class Onlyfans escort.

Michelle Lindamae Baptiste low class Onlyfans escort.
Linda claims to be Cree/Dene haha
Straight Outta Samson Cree Nation
This low class Onlyfans escort is proud of her success of being a hoe and a thirsty one at that. She had two children with a man from Tsuutina (DBC) She can’t let go, they’ve been broken up for three years and anytime he finds himself happiness she wrecks it for him. She broke up his two previous relationships he had with two absolutely gorgeous beautiful woman from the same reserve as him and Lindamae wrecked both of those relationships. LindaMae I guess we can’t blame you for hating yourself and your trashy low class life. Your fat and ugly, your fatness is the only reason why you have some tits and ass (but it’s all loose) hey little miss Loosey-goosey Lindamae!!!
You live in Calgary housing with your mother and her 9 year son your half brother and your two children.. You a lazy woman you can only lay on your back with your legs wide open and sell your nudes and that stink fish hole of yours. You set up dates in your trashy little hotel rooms. She posts on her social media that she has such a ritzy glamorous life and she’s such a good mother she shouldn’t have those children. She openly sells her stink Cree black hole and isn’t ashamed about herself at all. Your mama raised you right haha that’s probably why you have such rank daddy issues.. (can I be your baby) Thorley good striker I hope your wife reads this haha yes i’m talking about Paxton‘s brother she has many DRD’s she gave one to her baby daddy he’s permanently damaged now and he’ll never be the same. Lindamae depends on handouts from Tsuutina and from her baby daddy (child support) . Oh and of course CHILDTAX!! Sheri you taught your daughter well….. TISK TISK
Let’s move onto her mother Sheri Baptiste, grandma Sheri knows everything about her daughter’s escort service And how many men Lindamae will string along trying to see what she can get out of them and Sheri totally fine with it infact Mama bear Sheri takes all Lindamae’s nudes she polishes her daughter and grooms her and preps her for these men.. Grandma Sheri stays home and watches all the kids while Linda goes out and sells her stink fish hole the only thing that grandma Sheri wants is some pre-rolls and pizza and pop for kids… Sheri is no better herself, Sheri taught her daughter to be the ho3 that she is today. Sheri had herself a baby with a married man (JSL) anything to be Tsuutina these hoes!!! Sheri is no better as you can tell the apple didn’t fall far from the tree LINDAMAE…. Sheri Baptiste works at Grey Eagle casino and she talks a real big game around there about having family from Tsuutina haha both mother and daughter want to be from Tsuutina so bad awww miiii haha haha you’re both from Samson Cree Nation, you’ll never be from Tsuutina …. Sheri can’t keep a man that’s why her ex Lindamae’s dad married a good woman and that’s why LindaMae has daddy issues…
All of you Tsuutina men beware and all of you Tsuutina women watch your men these two are on the prowl for a man from Tsuutina… sheri has tried to come between marriages on Tsuutina Rez, let’s name the last names of the families she’s tried to destroy (SL) (BP) (R/BB) Sheri you know who I’m talking about hahaha and so has Lindamae.. These two should be banned from Tsuutina for trying to destroy and rip families apart. One of you ladies from Tsuutina should do it and get these hoes off your reserve… both Sheri and Lindamae Baptiste both dabble in crack..
FYI dodge journeys are ugly and you wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for your baby daddy so shut up and quit acting like you worked so hard for it go take some nudes… You’re fat ugly and disgusting you should work on yourself…. why don’t you post some pictures without filters because you’re too ugly you need filters… Lindamae is so stretched out from all her escorting business and plus having those two kids and not to mention all that extra fat she’s carrying gross it really stinks.
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(Can I be your baby) (filter queen)
You were the last one I was with, I know what you gave me you dirty filthy fat pig.
Clean that hole in your chin it stinks….
Logan medicine Crane be careful of this one she’ll make you stink and herpes will never go away.
Logan medicine crane have at her you’ll regret it when you start getting coldsores and cock sores…

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