Kelly Vincent Gibbons — Lying, Cheating Snake

Kelly Vincent Gibbons seems like a good guy but he’s lying cheating snake. He initiated an affair with a “friend”, furthered their relationship with talk of love and a future, lead her to believe he was going to change his life for nearly 2 years, used her, manipulated her, lied to her, lied to his wife and his family, played both women against each other without them knowing, said deplorable things about his wife and current life, played childish emotionally manipulative games, and more. Only to abandon her without any explanation or closure saying she doesn’t deserve to know what’s going on and it’s none of the business when she was just wanting the truth to move on, and to continue playing mind games for many months afterwards. STAY AWAY. He claims he’s unhappy and that he’s never been “in love” before but it’s all a game. Don’t believe ANYTHING he says.

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