Katie McFadden — Flaily Mctweakin

Katie McFadden — Flaily Mctweakin. Dont even get my started, this 90 pound bag of bones you got to put a paper bag on her face just to fuk. As long as you have a hoot of meth she will suk you off. She goes with whoever will feed her std infested a55, drugs. She told me once she kept extra u underwear in her purse because of all the guys she let cream pie her in a day. She took 1000 showers a day when I lived with her cause she stunk like a Chinese fish market. When I told her it would piss me off if she went and chilled with my ex she went to the crack house he lived in and let him fuk her in the a55. She cheated on my brother multiple times. And slept with my sisters baby daddy while she was pregnant & sat there acting like her bestfriend. Shes let multiple dudes see her naked she gets a little bump in her nose and she will strip for anyone. Shes literally a cvm dumpster. She stayed in a trap in forest lawn house and she was fuking her boyfriend and his dad. She shoved meth up her pu55y to avoid getting I’m trouble with the law. She would get her boyfriend to buy her alcohol with his welfare checks. Only time she would show up to see him is when he got that money. And she sat there and watched her boyfriend suk his guy friends d1ck and take it in the a55. She said this dealer raped her but then six months later she was sticking her tongue down his throat and holding his hand down the street. She was at the hospital for multiple yeast infections she got from all the d1ck she was cramming down. She smokes more meth than what’s even coming into the city. B1tch would constantly poke at her arms until she could finally could finally find vein that wasent clasped. She cant support her meth habits and she fuks old dudes who will show her the slightest bit of attention. Her nose is bigger than the riots we have going on and her chin looks like Peter griffen from family guy. Shes definition of trash. Dont sleep with her unless you want crabs and little bugs crawling on your d1ck. She will steal from anyone she gets the chance. She stole used underwear off me. She found a dildo dumpster diving and cleaned it off and shoved it up her used up arbies roast beef sandwich pu55y. Her boyfriend said her pu55y. looked nasty so he wouldn’t even eat her out. Just double bag that sh1t and dip it in. You can here her pu55y lips clapping from 10 miles away. You know she been around when you smell fish and see the snail trail she leaves behind. Slimey b1tch. Shes dirtier than a crackmacs floozy. She will give you sloppy toppy for a burnt up meth hoot. She is dirtier then bathroom stalls in the Stephens ave McDonalds. She pics dirty butts off the ground cause she cant even afford a 10$ pack of smokes. Bannock bum having a55.

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