Elisha Gust — Whats That Smell Coming From Forest Lawn?

This here is Elisha Gust. I had the misfortune of living close to her before she finally got her stank ass off of 43rd street. I can still smell her though so she must be close. Ew! Nik, this chick is so disgusting! She had this boyfriend, I think he must have been one of the father’s of her kids because I overheard her yelling at him that he’d never see his kid again. Anyway, after he left (I’m assuming to work because he was gone for at least 4 or 5 hours) she’d have guys over, and theyd leave at some point before he came back. Sounds innocent right? Lol I started seeing one of her guy friends and he told me that she was going behind his back. Her friend seemed pretty happy about it, which is the reason I ended up breaking it off with him. I’m pretty sure he was in love with her disgusting a55, so I figured he was as stupid as this chicks boyfriend. He did however let slip that she once caught an DRD after she cheated on this hillbilly fuk in Saskatchewan. And since he moved back to saskatchewan, he told me she caught another one while this drunk loser boyfriend of hers was in bc in treatment. Looks like she can’t keep her legs closed long enough or take a shower. I hope this guy finally smartened uo and left her infested a55. Poor dude. Anyways Nik, she’s the type of woman that makes good guys afraid of the good women that still remain. Subject for your approval, Elisha Dawn Gust. She better smarten up and hurry into manipulating a guy to marry her before word gets out and she dies alone. Hahaha why are the sluts of the world so stupid? Like legitimately has the iq of a tin can. Loves to play the victim too. Her friend, my ex, used to tell me all the time how she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else so no one can tell when she lies. And when she gets caught, she just gets mad and shuts down and finds a way to make everything her boyfriends fault. I think someone is overestimating how she looks simply because a bunch of her skeeze, loser exes still want to fuk her. I might have to go and sleep with her ex, since she has a habit of throwing away the good looking, willing to bend over backwards kind of guys for all these losers she can manipulate. Or so my ex, her friend and I think. Shame shame.

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